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ZEGA Buffered Index Growth

Be Your Own Safety Net

ZBIG stands for ZEGA Buffered Index Growth, which is ZEGA’s own Hedged equity program designed to be the safety net for your investments. Acting with a buffer zone, ZBIG allows you to gain from the market upside while protecting against sudden downward changes over a multi-year period.

ZEGA’s innovative Buffer Index Growth is a protected strategy built to safeguard your investments from sudden market downturns. Ideal for investors with moderate or aggressive risk tolerances, ZBIG is designed to either supplement or replace a large portion of your diversified portfolio.

How Does ZBIG Work for You?

ZBIG works to protect your important assets – in a BIG way. This option is designed to either complement or replace stock allocations, which often make up a large chunk of your well-diversified portfolio. A buffer zone is created by switching out more volatile stock risks with a short duration fixed income risk that stays comfortably within the buffered zone.

By incorporating ZBIG into your overall investment strategy, you’re providing peace of mind during tumultuous turns in the market.

Access Your Assets at Any Time

Not only does ZBIG provide 100 percent transparency when it comes to your investments, but it also ensures you have access to your assets at any time. Because there is no mandatory hold period, you can liquidate your assets with no redemption penalties.

Who Benefits from ZBIG?

This strategy is for investors with moderate to aggressive risk tolerance. ZBIG is designed to either supplement or replace your large-cap equity allocations. We offer three different options – leveraged, standard, and IRA. Each one is built with a different type of client in mind, creating an inclusive and specialized product for your account type.

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ZEGA’s Buffered Index Growth – Leveraged

as of 07/31/2019MTDYTD1 Year3 Year5 YearITD
ZBIG Lev Net*1.06%20.90%4.66%12.14%-12.86%
Bench (S&P 500)1.44%20.25%7.99%13.36%-

ZEGA’s Buffered Index Growth – IRA

as of 07/31/2019
MTDYTD1 Year3 Year5 YearITD
ZBIG IRA Net*0.62%12.68%4.00%--8.47%
Bench (S&P 500)1.44%20.25%

ZEGA's Buffered Index Growth -Standard

as of 07/31/2019
MTDYTD1 Year3 Year5 YearITD
ZBIG Std Net*0.95%15.92%4.03%--11.06%
Bench (S&P 500)1.44%20.25%7.99%--

Buy & Hedge Master Composite

as of 07/31/2019
MTDYTD1 Year3 Year5 YearITD
Buy & Hedge Net*0.77%12.63%3.25%7.77%5.76%9.15%
Bench (S&P 500)1.44%20.25%7.99%13.36%11.35%

Hedged Equity

Note: Returns are expressed in US Dollars net of fees.

ZEGA Financial is a registered investment adviser and investment manager that specializes in derivatives. ZEGA is a separate accounts manager and all returns expressed herein are solely from the separate accounts business within ZEGA.

This report is supplemental information. The Buy & Hedge Classic, Buy & Hedge Retirement, and the three ZBIG strategies are all a sub-composites to the Hedged Equity Master Composite that ZEGA maintains. The data in this supplemental report is for the accounts that were managed in accordance with the guidelines consistent with each of these sub-composites as described in the description tab on this page. All of the portfolios included in the returns reported herein are also part of the Hedged Equity Master Composite.

Hedged Equity Master Composite includes all Hedged Equity strategies and accounts managed by ZEGA prior to and since ZEGA’s inception. To qualify as a Hedged Equity strategy, the account must be invested with its assets in at least 70% in a diversified portfolio of Equities, Equity ETFs, or Equity indexes. The value is based on the notional dollars controlled. The portfolio must also have a hedge built in that limits the downside for the majority of the notional equity controlled. All portfolios that are at least 70% allocated to this strategy are included. The benchmark is the S&P 500. The benchmark is THE S&P 500. The S&P 500 Index is a collection of 500 of the largest publicly traded US Equity large cap companies.

ZEGA Financial claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS). To receive a full list of composite descriptions of ZEGA Financial and/or a presentation that complies with the GIPS standards, contact Jay Pestrichelli at 1-800-380-9342, ext 101 or jay.pestrichelli@zegafinancial.com.

Different types of investments involve varying degrees of risk, and there can be no assurance that any specific investment or strategy will be suitable or profitable for a client’s portfolio.

These results should not be viewed as indicative of the advisor’s skill. The prior performance figures indicated herein represent portfolio performance for only a short time period, and may not be indicative of the returns or volatility each portfolio will generate over a long time period. The performance presented should also be viewed in the context of the broad market and general economic conditions prevailing during the periods covered by the performance information. The actual results for the comparable periods would also have varied from the presented results based upon the timing of contributions and withdrawals from individual client accounts. The performance figures contained herein should be viewed in the context of the various risk/return profiles and asset allocation methodologies utilized by the asset allocation strategists in developing their model portfolios, and should be accompanied or preceded by the model.

Standard deviation is a measure of the dispersion of a set of data from its mean. The more spread apart the data, the higher the deviation. In finance, standard deviation is applied to the annual rate of return of an investment to measure the investment’s volatility. Employee accounts do not pay advisory fees, so the returns illustrated for the strategy are higher than they would be if employee accounts paid similar fees.