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For Advisors

Objective Investment Advice Backed by Decades of Experience

Our Process



What products work best for your clients? What custodian do you prefer? We'll finalize a sub advisory agreement, and recommend management fees.  It’s that easy.



To help you grow your business and retain clients, our team will provide you with a variety of marketing materials and monthly performance reporting so that you can focus on client interactions and managing your business.



We'll collaborate via our online communication tool to assign strategies and view your clients’ assignments.  



ZEGA will not only help deliver industry leading risk-adjusted returns, we will help grow your business with partnered events, customized materials, and regular strategy updates through our blog.

We know you’re busy so we provide multiple avenues of support so you communicate ZEGA strategies to your clients and help grow their portfolios:

  • Full time staff dedicated to advisor and client support
  • Seminars, client events, webinars
  • Update our blog weekly – including strategy commentary
  • Monthly market updates, presentations, tear sheets
  • Educational materials
  • Current product availability

Our SMA strategies are offered through the following custodians:

  • Charles Schwab
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Interactive Brokers