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Leveling the Playing Field for Innovative Investments

We want your money to work smarter, not harder. That’s why we’ve created strategies to diversify your holdings and open the door for supplemental income. More exposure to growth with less invitation of risk is what makes all of our products effective and desirable investment solutions. That’s why we’re proud to offer an array of strategies to complement your diverse portfolio.

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HiPOS, High Probability Options Strategy, ZEGA Financial

Our high probability options strategy is designed to work the stock market’s volatility to your advantage. use this strategy to incur additional income without additional exposure to rising interest rates. the best part? you choose the risk profile that makes you comfortable and confident in your decisions.

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Buy & Hedge Investments, ZEGA Financial

Buying and hedging is our bread and butter. That’s because we know a good defense can be the best offense, and we’ve created a savvy approach to protecting your future. Hedged equity allocations with options means you can stay protected from market downturns without missing out on the market growth opportunities you desire.

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ZBIG buffer index growth, ZEGA Financial

ZEGA’s innovative Buffer Index Growth is a protected strategy built to safeguard your investments from sudden market downturns. Ideal for investors with moderate or aggressive risk tolerances, ZBIG is designed to either supplement or replace a large portion of your diversified portfolio.

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Dual Direction Investing, ZEGA Financial

ZEGA takes a traditional investment idea, owning dividend paying stocks, and attempts to double down with covered calls. The multi-stage filtering process builds a portfolio of stocks paying over 4% annually in dividends.

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ZEGA’s concentrated position hedging program reviews each individual position’s optionality and cost of hedging to determine the most beneficial way to build floors in clients’ wealth. We utilize individual stock options and/or index options to create protective hedges for your clients.

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