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Weird Bond Yield Stuff Happening | New 1 Day VIX Index?

By Derek Moore

Show Summary:

 Derek Moore and ZEGA CEO Jay Pestrichelli are back again to discuss the CBOE launching a new 1 Day VIX Index and what it means in relation to the viability of the traditional VIX Index. Plus, they note that 1 month treasury bill yields are far below the 3 month which is odd when looking historically at the relationship. Hint, it has something to do with money market funds and the Fed Overnight Reverse Repos. Then they discuss the decline in the money supply but when put into context, is it really a big deal? Finally, they dish out some recommendations. 

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 Topics Include:

  • 1-month US Treasury Bills yield much less than 3-month US Treasury Bills
  • How historic is the difference between 1-month yields and 3-month yields?
  • What does it mean if anything when 1-month T bills yield less than Fed Funds?
  • CBOE launches a new 1 Day VIX Index
  • Is the traditional VIX Index broken?
  • Differences between various VIX index terms and what they tell us.
  • What is the VVIX Index?
  • What does the VVIX Index tell us about option prices on the VIX?
  • Current shape of the VIX Futures expiration curve
  • Relationship between spot VIX (what you see on TV) and the VIX Futures
  • Flows into money market funds continue but from where?
  • Overnight Reverse Repos from the Fed as a competitor to 1-month treasury bills

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