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Want Talking Points Around the Worst Month for Stocks – Evergrande – Inflation – The Fed Taper – Housing Starts – Hedging? Listen Below 👇

On the latest Podcast, Jay and Derek are back to discuss key themes in the markets so you can get context to share with your clients or just yourself.

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 Topics Include:

  • Evergrande in China
  • China’s Three Red Lines Debt Policy
  • Evergrande bond prices and ratings are pricing in defaults
  • Evergrande is not new. How long has price been telling investors there is an issue?
  • The Fed likely to Taper and effects on markets and interest rates
  • Stagflation?
  • September is the worst month historically.
  • Sell in May and go away a misnomer?
  • Hedging myths
  • Everything you think you know about hedging is wrong