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Nvidia Earnings Recap | Get Over It Rates are Staying Higher | Despite Rates Home Prices Up YoY | AI Mentions in Earnings Calls | What VVIX and VIX Did

By Derek Moore

Show Summary:

Derek Moore and Jay Pestrichelli, CEO of ZEGA Financial talk about Nvidia’s earnings report and how they are catching up to Apple in total market cap. Will they catch Microsoft? Then they note the percentage of companies mentioning AI on earnings calls. What does that mean for CAPEX spending on semiconductor chips? Later they look at how housing prices after a small drop are now growing YoY despite higher interest rates and higher payment per median home price. The gold rally no one is noticing in 2024. A little Japan 10-year bond talk as rates hit 1%. Finally, Jay and Derek talk about how rates are staying higher for longer and the market might need to get over it while the “threat” of lowering rates might help markets.

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Topics Include:

  • Earnings mentions of AI on earnings conference calls surge
  • Nvidia is catching up to Apple in market cap
  • What is market cap and how to compute it?
  • Surprising market cap size for one semiconductor company.
  • Comparing S&P 500 Index market return paths since 1990
  • Is 2024 the new 1995 for S&P 500 returns?
  • Nvidia stock price growth vs income and revenue growth last 10 years
  • Now investors don’t thing there is a chance for a recession
  • Investor sentiment or likelihood of recession being high might be contrarian indicator
  • University of Michigan inflation expectations over next 5 years surges
  • Historical asset class by year returns
  • Gold still rallying but does anyone care?
  • One family home sales median price year over year price change growth
  • Charting monthly mortgage payment on purchasing a median priced home
  • Japanese 10-year bonds hit 1%
  • Why investing for longer means your win probability gets really high

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