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New Podcast: Yield Curve Inversion | Inflation Effects on Earnings

By Derek Moore

Jay Pestrichelli and Derek Moore talk yield curve inversion. What is the yield curve inversion and why do investors care? Plus, reviewing historical precedent on prior yield curve inversions and recessions. What is the average time to recession from yield curve inversion? When has it not worked? Later, they discuss inflation’s effect on US Large Cap earnings. What are the consequences from higher inflation? What about deflation?

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 Topics Include: 

  • What is the yield curve inversion?
  • Why 10-year US Treasury minus 2-year US Treasury yields are watched by market prognosticators
  • What about the 5 year and 10-year treasury inversion?
  • Reviewing historical yield curve inversions and recessions
  • Idea that inversion alone doesn’t cause a recession without a catalyst 
  • What does higher inflation mean for corporate earnings?
  • What does higher inflation mean for net profit margins?
  • Touching on deflation effect on companies

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Jay Pestrichelli Book Buy and Hedge 

 Federal Reserve Bank St. Louis FRED 10 YR Treasury – 2 YR Treasury 

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