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New Podcast: Open Letter to The Fed

By Derek Moore

Show Summary: 

The Federal Reserve shows no sign of slowing down rate hikes in the near term. But are they doing anything? ZEGA CEO Jay Pestrichelli is back on the show with Derek Moore to debate. Plus, why we care about England’s BOE moves. Finally, some recommendations.

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Topics Include:

  • What is the deal with the UK’s pensions and government bonds?
  • Is the Fed doing it all wrong?
  • Container shipping rates back to normal?
  • The waiting is over at the Port of LA
  • Inflation run rates and what we need to happen
  • What would it take for a Fed pivot based on some historical numbers
  • Real vs Nominal numbers in economics
  • Lag in OER (Owners Equivalent Rents) and Rent of Primary Residence in CPI

 Mentioned in this Episode:

  1. Why hedging is the answer for investors
  2. Debating what a recession is 
  3. Derek Moore’s book “Broken Pie Chart”
  4. Jay Pestrichelli Book “Buy and Hedge”