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New Podcast: Most Telegraphed Recession Ever? | The 4 Rs | Recession | Rates | Reduction of Stock Multiples | Russia

By Derek Moore

Jay Pestrichelli joins Derek Moore to discuss the current economic and market environment. Topics include the 4 Rs, Recession, Rates, Reduction of Multiples (PE Ratios), and the conflict in Russia. 

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Topics Include:

  • Why the Fed raising rates may not help inflation
  • Impact of Walmart and Target earnings results on net profit margin expectations
  • End of 2021 market was pricing in higher margins and growth
  • Earnings so far have held up well
  • Earnings expectations have increased not decreased
  • Why interest rates matter for many putting values on companies and markets
  • Is Russia factored into markets?
  • Everyone is talking recession so is it so obvious people may be wrong?
  • The market continues the 2021 trend in 2022 by reducing the forward PE ratio
  • A detour to explain how a reverse discounted cash flow on Tesla shows in the end its buyers and sellers
  • Retail sales as something to watch in the aftermath of Walmart and Target


Mentioned in this Episode:

 ZEGA Financial

 Derek Moore’s Book Broken Pie Chart 

 Jay Pestrichelli’s Book Buy and Hedge 

 CME Fed Interest Rate Probability Tool