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New Podcast: Is Bad News Good News in Markets?

By Derek Moore

Jay Pestrichelli and Derek Moore are back to discuss what asset classes have the best real, after inflation returns historically. Plus, is bad news good news around economic releases as it pertains to chances the Fed can’t raise rates as much? What would a bad Q1 GDP print mean for markets? Then they discuss the volatility regime and touch on talk about recessions by Deutsche Bank. 

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Covered in the Episode

  • Does bad news mean good news if the Fed can’t raise rates as much?
  • Talking real after inflation returns historically and how commodities have lagged
  • Deutsche Bank calling for a recession
  • Why raising rates can’t solve supply chain issues but can tamp down demand.
  • Bonds having a bad year
  • With the Q1 GDP announcement what would surprise the markets?
  • Midterm elections and the markets 
  • Earnings still growing along with revenues
  • Market multiple re-rating continues