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New Podcast: Gamma Squeeze Explained | Fed Talks Tough

By Derek Moore

Show Summary:

Jay and Derek are back to cover interest rates, options news, and more this week. Was Bed Bath and Beyond a Gamma Squeeze? How the options market can sometimes drive buying and selling. Plus, Jerome Powell does a short press conference talking tough about taming inflation. 

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Topics Include:

  • Ryan Cohen option positions in Bed Bath and Beyond
  • What is a Gamma Squeeze?
  • How market makers hedge their book to remain flat
  • When gamma squeezes don’t move the markets
  • Jerome Powell talks tough in his press conference trying to send right message
  • Did markets not understand the fed before?
  • Some recommendations including the Game of Thrones House of Dragons Premiere
  • D.B. Cooper documentary on Netflix

Mentioned in this Episode:

Derek Moore’s book “Broken Pie Chart” 

Jay Pestrichelli Book “Buy and Hedge”

 Debating what a recession is