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New Podcast: FTX Crypto Debacle | Yield Curve Inversion | Enough with Recession Talk | Who’s Right & Who’s Wrong?

Show Summary:

 Jay Pestrichelli, CEO of ZEGA Financial, is back with Derek this week where they talk FTX bankruptcy and whether it means the end for crypto? Then they discuss the 3-month treasury bond yield inverting with the 10-year treasury bond. Yes, every time that has happened there have been recessions, so what about this time? Earnings continue to be the thing to watch. A quick game of who is right after the Atlanta Fed GDP Nowcast is showing 4.3% growth compared to a measly 0.5% current estimate for Q4 GDP. Finally, some recommendations.

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Topics Include:

  • What is market FTX Bankruptcy
  • Whether crypto has any use case
  • One bad actor doesn’t make the whole space
  • Who’s right, the Atlanta Fed GDP Nowcast or the street consensus on Q4 GDP?
  • 3-Month US Treasury inversion with the 10-Year Treasury Yield
  • Does a recession always happen after this inversion?
  • Examining typical un-inversion prior to recessions
  • Discussing whether we had inversion prior to 2020 recession
  • Q3 earnings are mostly done so what does that mean for stocks?
  • Nominal vs real (after inflation) retail sales numbers


Mentioned in this Episode:

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  2.  Why hedging is the answer for investors 
  3.  Debating what a recession is 
  4.  Derek Moore’s book “Broken Pie Chart” 
  5.  Jay Pestrichelli Book “Buy and Hedge”