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New Podcast: Explaining Changes to Buy and Hedge Retirement Strategy

By Derek Moore

Show Summary:

The rise of interest rates has been all over the news, but is there a silver lining? Yes, due to higher rates in short-term US treasuries hedged equity strategies now can further manage risk by substituting out short duration high yield to short term treasuries. ZEGA Financial CEO Jay Pestrichelli and Derek Moore are back to explain how a flagship strategy Buy and Hedge is leveraging the new environment. 

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Topics Include:

  • What are Buy and Hedge strategies?
  • Comparing the risk profile of short-term US Treasuries vs short-duration         high yield bonds.
  • Comparing risk profile of treasuries to corporate bonds
  • Explaining the yield to maturity on bonds
  • Where a return comes from in a bond
  • Coupon payments(interest) vs appreciation to par
  • Interest rate risk in bonds 
  • Duration as a measurement of how market values change for every 1%     change in rates
  • How Buy and Hedge has limited risk in buying long call options and US treasuries

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