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New Podcast: Debating What a Recession Is? | Someone is Wrong Between the Market & the Fed

Jay Pestrichelli once again joins Derek Moore to discuss the disconnect between the market’s expectation of future interest rate raises and the Fed’s stated intentions. Did the market hear the right things from Jay Powell? How earnings through Q2 have held up and are still growing despite pessimistic calls otherwise. Plus, the debate about what a recession is and is not. 

You can listen here:

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 Topics covered include:

  • Someone is wrong on interest fed rate raises
  • Debate about what is a recession
  • Why 2 quarters is not a recession
  • How the NBER is the arbiter of official recessions
  • Q2 earnings rise along with revenues despite pessimistic forecasts
  • What happens if inflation is over 8% when release in August?
  • Disconnect between market and inflation
  • Inflation 2x2 and EPS analysis
  • 4 outcomes on EPS and inflation and what it means for markets
  • Post midterm election bounce in the S&P 500 Index?
  • What sectors are growing, and which are declining per Q2 earnings
  • Stagflation discussion 
  • Can we really have a recession with low unemployment?

Mentioned in this Episode:

Derek Moore’s book Broken Pie Chart 

Jay Pestrichelli’s book Buy and Hedge