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New Podcast: Crypto Winter | Bond Market Forecasting Recession?

By Derek Moore

Show Summary:

Jay Pestrichelli is back to join Derek Moore to talk about the recent blowups in Crypto and review some contrarian picks that worked and didn’t work. Plus, what is the recent backup in rates in the bond market telling us about the probability of a recession and negative GDP for Q2? 

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Topics Include:

  • Do yields backing off predicting a recession? 
  • Flattening & Inverted (once again) yield curve
  • Crypto winter and blowups
  • What is the bond market telling us?
  • Contrarian corner - what has aged well and what has not?
  • Will the earnings story hold up? (Margins, EPS, inflation, inventory)
  • Top Gun movie gets a recommendation

Mentioned in this Episode:

Derek Moore’s Book Broken Pie Chart 

Jay Pestrichelli’s Book Buy and Hedge 

MicroStrategy Bitcoin play 

Podcast 4 R’s recession, rates, reduction of stock multiples

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