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Michael Saylor is Right on Bitcoin? |Worst Crash Since 1929 Coming? | Semiconductors Get Big Flows | 0 DTE Option Stats

Show Summary:

Derek Moore and Jay Pestrichelli, CEO of ZEGA Financial, talk through some examples of options trading in 0 DTE options on the SPX and Nvidia. Plus, a hedge fund manager says the worst crash since 1929 is coming. Looking at huge inflows into the semiconductor ETFs. Derek actually agrees with Michael Saylor’s points on Bitcoin including whether it’s a currency or property. Media mentions of stock market bubble are rising but so are continued mentions of AI. Finally, PPI producer price index comes in hot especially services while real retail sales still hasn’t gone above its 2022 highs. All that and more this week. 

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Topics Include:

  • Is Bitcoin a currency or property?
  • MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor interview on CNBC
  • Hedge fund manager says worst market crash since 1929 coming
  • How the same people make the same market predictions all the time
  • Semiconductor ETFs get massive flows of money last week
  • Examining detailed option data on SPX and NVDA 0 DTE options
  • Media mentions of “stock market bubble” are rising
  • Media mentions of AI and artificial intelligence jumped prior to the takeoff in AI stocks
  • PPI producer price index comes in hotter than expected
  • Services inflation now higher than goods inflation
  • Comparing US Deposits at commercial banks vs money markets
  • Money markets assets hit new highs
  • What do big money market balances mean for the stock market if anything?
  • Advanced real (after inflation) retail and restaurant sales
  • YTD 2024 ETF category flows bitcoin vs gold

Mentioned in this Episode:

Michael Saylor on CNBC talking Bitcoin as property vs being a currency 

Jay Pestrichelli’s book Buy and Hedge 

 Derek’s new book on public speaking Effortless Public Speaking 

Derek Moore’s book Broken Pie Chart 

Contact Derek derek.moore@zegafinancial.com 

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