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Market Selloff | No Rate Cuts? | Bitcoin vs Gold | CPI Inflation Sticky | VIX Curve

By Derek Moore

Show Summary:

Derek Moore and Jay Pestrichelli, CEO of ZEGA Financial, discuss Friday’s selloff. So, was it all the readjustment of Fed rate cut expectations? Is CPI Inflation putting the Fed in a box? Michael Saylor says Bitcoin is better than Gold. The rally in Gold that everyone is sleeping on. CPI Supercore trending higher showing services not goods are the culprit. Later they examine the VIX Futures curve as the front months rise. Finally, they talk about the continued bear market due to higher rates on 10-to-30-year US Treasuries from the March 2020 all-time highs against the stock market and high yield.

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Topics Include:

  • Michael Saylor Bitcoin vs Gold
  • Market selloff reasons
  • High Yield bonds vs equities
  • CPI Supercore trending higher lately.
  • CPI Core vs CPI year over year
  • VIX futures curve and explaining difficulty in picking how to play expected rise in volatility
  • US 30-Year Treasuries made all-time high in March of 2020 but down -44% since
  • What would it take for bond holders to get to break even?
  • Stealth rally in Gold and comparing buying physical gold to gold ETFs GLD and GLDM
  • Comparing inflation outlook between Democrats, Republics, and Independents
  • Earnings season arrives while banks reported but talked NIM net interest margins suffering

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