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Market Correction | Mortgage Rates Higher | No Thanks 24-Hour Trading | Synthetic Options

By Derek Moore

Show Summary:

Derek Moore and Mike Puck from ZEGA Financial discuss Friday’s selloff. It’s official, we are in a 5% market correction. Looking back at other corrections greater than 5% from the highs. Mortgage rates move back up while 10-year treasury yields surge. Commodities are higher on the year but still down from all-time highs. Gold makes another all time high. Later they look at the value vs growth performance including the magnificent 7 stocks compared to the rest of the market. Finally, stocks and bonds are more correlated than people realize in higher inflation regimes. 

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Topics Include:

  • Futures selloff overnight and why we don’t need 24-hour trading in the stock market
  • Market corrections of over 5%
  • 30-year mortgage rates are spiking again
  • Looking at the high yield bond market with spreads widening
  • 10-year treasury bonds on the way to 5%?
  • Gold makes another all-time high
  • Stock and bond correlations historical look
  • Will bonds still be a good hedge against stocks?
  • Value vs Growth check in
  • Magnificent 7 vs the rest of the S&P 500 Index
  • Synthetic option positions
  • Listener question about knowing what positions make up what strategies
  • Duration of High Yield Bond Index vs time to maturity and Yield to Worst
  • Container shipping rates
  • Check in on where commodity prices are

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