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Dividend Deep Dive | ChatGPT AI Fed Research | Do Markets Go Up After Fed Pauses?

By Derek Moore

Show Summary:

Jay Pestrichelli is back on with Derek Moore where they do a deep dive into dividends. There are a lot of misconceptions around things like total return vs price return, ex-dates, payable dates, record date and more. Plus, they look at an example ETF before noting that there seems to be a movement of young investors focusing on dividend paying stocks to generate income. Finally, Jay and Derek talk about the Fed interest rate decision and even task ChatGPT AI to pull some research on what happens with markets once the Fed pauses. Oh, and Derek reconsiders whether ChatGPT is in fact a valuable service.

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 Topics Include:

  • ChatGPT AI Fed interest rate research
  • Imagining ChatGPT AI with full access to investment return databases like S&P Global
  • Are there instances where markets go down post a Fed pause?
  • When did markets rise post Fed pause?
  • Why would the Fed cut rates unless the economy is bad (or more bank failures)?
  • Deep dive on dividends
  • Total returns (including dividends) vs. price return.
  • Explaining ex-dates, record date, payable dates for dividends
  • Discussion of young investors gravitating towards a dividend portfolio strategy
  • Dividend reinvestment income vs. reinvestment into more shares to compound
  • Years to double examples of reinvesting dividends
  • Converting annual dividend income to an hourly rate (Dividends Receive Annually / 2080)

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