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Broken Pie Chart Podcast - Most Record Highs Since 2013 | The Fed No Rush to Cut? | VVIX and VIX Super Quiet | Value vs Growth | Cocoa More Valuable than Gold?

Show Summary:

Derek Moore and Jay Pestrichelli, CEO of ZEGA Financial, discuss Fed governor Waller (not Christopher Walkin) hinting the Fed should be in no rush to cut interest rates. Plus, we haven’t seen this many record stock market highs since Q1 of 2013. So, what does that mean if anything? Examining VVIX and VIX which both are really quiet and low right now. Growth has outperformed value by quite a bit, but do some relative value charts hint value may have its time in the sun? Later, corporate profit margins continue to be strong despite many saying they must revert to the mean. Finally, no Cocoa is Not worth more than gold per ounce despite what the internet says.

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Topics Include:

  • Fed Governor Waller says no so fast on the need to cut rates
  • Why would the Fed cut rates if the economy is doing well?
  • Most record stock market highs since Q1 2013 in Q1 of 2024
  • Corporate profit margins remain strong
  • The VVIX has been sitting below the 80 level 
  • VIX index not showing signs of worry
  • Triple top in the Growth relative to Value chart?
  • Cocoa futures make another new high
  • Value of Cocoa futures vs Gold futures
  • Public service (PSA) difference between price return and dividend adjusted return in ETFs

Mentioned in this Episode:

Why cocoa prices spiked and what it means for chocolate lovers from Bloomberg

Jay Pestrichelli’s book Buy and Hedge

Derek’s new book on public speaking Effortless Public Speaking

Derek Moore’s book Broken Pie Chart

Contact Derek derek.moore@zegafinancial.com 

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