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AI Is the New Crypto & Blockchain Post Nvidia Earnings | Reach for Long Duration Bonds | More Fed Rate Increases Coming? | 7% Treasury Bills?

By Derek Moore

Show Summary:

 Derek Moore and ZEGA Financial CEO Jay Pestrichelli have a lively discussion on whether AI is supplanting Crypto and Blockchain as the new thing. Then they point out fund flows going to long duration treasury (and 3x triple leveraged Treasury ETF) and why? Later we discussed the new increase in probabilities for more Fed interest rate hikes. Finally, Nvidia broke out after beating earnings and revenue expectations and a massive rise in expectations. Of course, they make some recommendations. 

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 Topics Include:

  • AI is the new Crypto and Blockchain?
  • Nvidia revenue guidance gets raised by a lot after beating estimates on earnings.
  • Are there other instances where companies have added as much market cap in one day?
  • Greater than 7% Treasury Bills
  • Explaining why debt ceiling fears caused 6% and 7% very short-term treasuries.
  • Nvidia’s market cap gain in one day alone would equal the 35th largest S&P 500 Index company.
  • Long Duration treasury ETFS including TLT and TMF see large inflows from investors.
  • What are the risks of very long-dated treasury bonds?
  • 3x Leveraged ETFs
  • First 100 days market up >+7% so what happens to the rest of the year?
  • Fed funds probability for interest rate rises or cuts.
  • Probability now for at least one additional fed interest rate hike by markets

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