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0DTE Options Analysis| Inflation Coming Back? | Strong US Dollar Impact

 By Derek Moore

Show Summary:

Derek Moore and Jay Pestrichelli, CEO of ZEGA Financial, talk through the recent CBOE analysis on impact of 0DTE options. Contrary to popular belief, 0DTE options may not be causing imbalances according to the data. Plus, explaining how cash settled (European) style options differ from American style where you can be assigned (or auto exercised). How short puts can mirror covered calls. Not surprisingly, Jay and Derek get detailed into some of the similarities. Plus, is inflation coming back after the CPI report and the recent push higher in oil prices? How a strong US Dollar impacts companies and how the price of the new Apple iPhone is more expensive around the world. Finally, some recommendations and a Tim Tebow Johnny Manziel comparison. 

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 Topics Include:

  • What CBOE (Chicago Board of Options Exchange) data says about 0DTE options
  • Evaluating net buyers vs sellers of 0DTE options
  • How CBOE data on 0DTE options seems to indicate more balance in positioning
  • What is the difference between cash settled index options and American style options?
  • How cash settlement differs from getting assigned or auto exercising into underlying shares
  • Comparing the structure of covered calls with selling ITM in the money cash settled puts.
  • Comparing risk of owning shares and selling covered calls vs selling cash secured puts
  • How a strong US dollar impacts multinational corporation’s earnings.
  • Using the new Apple iPhone as an example of strong dollar impact to prices around the world
  • Latest CPI (Consumer Price Index) came in hotter than expected.
  • Is inflation making a comeback?
  • How rising oil prices can impact inflation given its place in the CPI.
  • Using the 1994-95 example of higher rates with a rising market 
  • Are people too worried about higher rates?
  • Existing US mortgages are still primarily at much lower rates.
  • Tim Tebow vs Johnny Manziel statistical comparison

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