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ZEGA’s Jay Pestrichelli Says “Consider Hedging Your Bets” in U.S. News Article

U.S. News discusses “4 Things to Know About Tech Investing in 2019”.  One of the main topics in the article surrounds the importance of hedging your bets in a volatile market.  As you know, ZEGA is a firm believer in hedging and avoiding investments in single stocks for the majority of any portfolio. Jay discussed this topic with U.S. News and you can read his take on the subject.

We have been seeing more and more articles about investor fear ratcheting up with the recent downturn and volatility in the markets. Often, fear can lead to poor decisions among individuals who are invested in the market. Selling at the wrong time due to emotions or failing to invest because of fear of buying at the wrong time all can have long term detrimental effects on portfolios.

Many advisors are seeing increased apprehension among clients who are fearful about making new investments. Many have even considered divesting and turning entirely to cash. If you can address what clients worry about the most, you may be able to keep things on track and remove some of the fear prevalent after the rocky fourth quarter.

Instead of timing the market, it’s time to Buy and Hedge!