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ZEGA Financial, LLC is Recognized

By Jillian Baker

We are excited to make a couple of announcements today!  The first being that ZEGA Financial, LLC is recognized by investor.com as a Trusted Firm!   View our profile here.  investor.com was launched in 2018 under the belief that transparency can help Americans make better decisions about who manages their wealth.  You can learn more how investor.com rates RIAs by using their Trust Algorithm:  https://investor.com/trust-algorithm.  The investor.com Trusted badge is awarded to the financial professionals and advisory firms that meet strict regulatory requirements.

 The second announcement is ZEGA Financial has filed with the CFA Institute  that it claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (“GIPS”). The Spaulding Group conducted our verification.  ZEGA Financial is proud to follow the GIPS standards.  GIPS compliance firms go well beyond legal reporting requirements to demonstrate a commitment to open, honest, and ethical practices.