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Podcast: Gain Better Talking Points with Clients & Friends Around Inflation, Markets, Interest Rates, Covid

By Derek Moore

New Podcast where Jay and Derek go beyond the headlines and give you talking points so you can have better conversations around key themes.

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  • Why it is and is not transitory
  • Container shipping issues really driving inflation.
  • Sticky CPI not so bad but Flexible CPI is surging

Fed and Interest Rates

  • Why and why not the Fed will raise rates
  • Fed using Reverse Repos to create a floor in rates
  • Even if taper will strong demand for treasuries mute reactions?

Markets at All-Time Highs

  • Surprising Data That Markets Are Near All-Time Highs More Than You Think
  • Why hedging can reduce fear in markets and stop from missing out
  • Contrarian view isn't so contrarian right now if you listen to financial media

Housing Prices

  • Going beyond the headlines isn't so scary
  • Annualized vs cumulative gains
  • It’s the mortgage payment not home prices that matters


  • Looking at the Economic impacts only
  • The case for and against governments doing more lockdowns
  • Market digested Covid at this point
  • Areas of the market (and inflation) it may impact


  • Market reaction vs political risk
  • Markets climbing the wall of worry
  • Discussion of past geopolitical risks