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Podcast: Fear of Investing Near All-Time Highs? Surprising Data Points to Markets Near All-time Highs More Than You Might Think

By Jillian Baker

Jay Pestrichelli once again joins host Derek Moore to discuss all things hedging and options. This week they talk through some surprising data Jay compiled that shows markets are within 3% its all-time highs 36% of the time. Many people like to try and time the market thinking markets are too high. Another data set shows often markets never get a pullback during bull runs. Plus, Jay and Derek test out new hedging analogies on the fly to see if they work.

You can listen by clicking below:

  • How often are stock markets within 3% of their all-time high?
  • Comparing portfolio hedging to buying car insurance?
  • Comparing the Brooklyn Nets getting 75% of Kevin Durant’s pre-injury game versus their downside risk
  • How often is the market 10% lower one year later study
  • Discussing fear investors have at getting into markets at perceived highs
  • How the hedgers opportunity may let investors buy more lower
  • The Random Walk Theory in stock markets
  • How Random Walk needs and upward bias to fit its narrative
  • How sometimes waiting to buy into markets causes investors to miss out
  • Is it better to lose early or lose late in retirement?
  • The effect withdrawals for income have on portfolios