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Podcast: Bear Market? This is What You’ve Been Preparing for With a Hedged Equity Strategy

In a follow-up or companion piece to our recent article I joined Derek  Moore for a podcast discussion around the current state of the market.    Specifically, how if a client is hedged in a portfolio they are  prepared for down markets.   You can click on play below to listen. 

Show  Summary:

In this episode Derek Moore is  joined by Jay Pestrichelli, Founder of ZEGA Financial and author of Buy  and Hedge: The 5 Iron Rules For Investing Over the Long Term, to discuss  how if a bear market materializes clients using a hedged equity  strategy have already planned for it and have defined downside floors in  portfolios.  Jay and Derek discussed the features and benefits of  limiting downside, participating in much of the upside, while having the  ability to reinvest at much lower levels should the market selloff  materialize.

Key  Takeaways:

  • How investors using a hedged equity strategy are prepared for a bear market should it materialize
  • What is a hedged equity downside limiting strategy?
  • What is the difference between an investment strategy that has a downside buffer versus a downside floor?
  • How the risk profile is swapping equity risk and volatility for fixed income (bond) risk
  • Why people with hedged equity strategies might want the market to continue down
  • How a good hedged equity strategy avoids losses and has ability to reinvest those avoided losses in more shares
  • How hedged equity strategies give investors piece of mind and sometimes called the “sleep at night portfolio”
  • The difference between holding short duration bonds to maturity versus longer maturity dated vehicles
  • Hedging not only the equity portion but hedging when it comes to high yield
  • Comments around recessions and how sometimes the crowd is wrong when everyone says there is going to be a recession
  • How using hedged equity strategies like “Buy and Hedge” can reduce fear about investing at the wrong time in markets.
  • How the fixed income portion of the portfolio has been performing in 2018

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