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No Volmageddon 2.0 | No Landing for the Economy?

 Show Summary:

Derek Moore is back with ZEGA Financial CEO Jay Pestrichelli to discuss recent discussion on 0 DTE (zero days to expiration) options and potential for a new Volmageddon event due to them. Then, they again get into The Fed and the idea of hard landing, soft landing, or no landing (that’s a new one). Plus, they discuss some odds and ends within markets and the economy including some chart crimes, shipping container rates, next 12 month returns ONCE a bear market bottom is in, and why US Investment Grade Bonds are yielding less than the 3-month treasury bond at higher percentages than before.

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 Topics Include:

  • Volmageddon 2.0 (or Volpocalypse 2.0)
  • What are 0 DTE Zero Days to Expiration Options
  • Why we now see much more trading in 0 DTE Options 
  • Why 0 DTE options aren’t that big of a deal
  • What is a No Landing Economy scenario?
  • Why the Fed might revert back to the 90s on interest rates
  • If the economy is growing why do rates need to fall?
  • The idea of the Fed keeping dry powder just in case
  • Non-voting Fed members are making a lot of noise about rates
  • IF the bear market low is in (and that’s still an if) forward 12 month returns positive
  • Shipping container rates including the Rotterdam to New York down 80% off highs
  • Examples of 2011 expiration of SPY options available versus now (hint a lot more now)
  • Comparing treasury yield curves over select periods
  • Bankruptcies and 90-day credit card delinquencies are up (do these lack perspective?)

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