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New Podcast: Max Bearish? | Earnings Declines Don’t Mean Falling Stocks?

Show Summary:

 Jay Pestrichelli, CEO of ZEGA Financial and Derek Moore are back to talk Netflix earnings, why earnings declines don’t necessarily mean falling stock prices, wide bid ask spread in housing, and volatility dropping in the currency and fixed income markets. Plus, the AAII investor survey points to record lows in bullish sentiment. Why margins are being overlooked in earnings estimates.  Finally, is Japan an unknown, unknown and Derek (without any knowledge) predicts Amazon buys AMC and Apple buys Netflix.

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Topics Include:

  • Does the market still care about Netflix earnings?
  • Netflix low YoY quarterly revenue growth
  • Wild prediction on Apple buying Netflix. 
  • Why doesn’t Amazon buy AMC?
  • Existing home sales continue to make new lows year over year.
  • Earnings declines don’t equal lower stock prices all the time.
  • Comparing years where earnings are lower, but stocks are higher.
  • Why markets look forward to future earnings expectations.
  • Volatility dropping in FX and fixed income markets.
  • The spread between equity volatility and Fixed Income volatility is still wide.
  • Used car prices finally printing lower lows.
  • AAII survey points to low bullish sentiment and high bearish sentiment
  • Margins in earnings should be the story.
  • Why Japan may be a thing to watch as an unknown unknown. 

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Derek Moore’s book Broken Pie Chart 

 Derek’s new book on public speaking Effortless Public Speaking