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New Podcast: Market Talking Points – Market Pullback Opportunities – Corporate Profit Margins at Decade Highs - Risk Metrics Explained

By Derek Moore

Jay Pestrichelli and Derek Moore are back to discuss the recent market pullback and whether the dip will be bought again. Plus, explaining common risk metrics like Alpha and Sharpe Ratios. Then they discuss the market drop that started during the short post-Thanksgiving Day session. Later an inflation check in, corporate profit margins at multi-decade highs, the yield curve flattening, and oil prices. 

You can listen by clicking the player below: 

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Topics Touched on Include:

Markets pullback from highs
Market valuations
Alpha explained
Sharpe Ratio explained
Comparing portfolio managers through risk adjusted returns
Comparison benchmarks
Market moves during short-staffed holiday trading sessions
SPR Strategic Petroleum Reserve release impact
Oil inventories and demand
The yield curve continues to flatten what does it suggest?
Profit margins hits multi-decade highs even during inflation

Mentioned in this Episode: