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New Podcast Listen Below: Jay and Derek talk Bitcoin, Gold, or Just Be Hedged?

By Jillian Baker

This week Jay Pestrichelli and Derek Moore are back to discuss whether Bitcoin or Gold are good hedges. What the appeal of cryptocurrencies are? How just being long the market while have a hedged floor in the portfolio allows investors to be in the historically best inflation adjusted return asset.

Click to player below to listen:

 Topics Discussed in this episode:

  • Appeal of Bitcoin
  • How Inflation is hurting the dollar’s purchasing power
  • Gold as an inflation hedge
  • Golds real return might be less than people think.
  • Aren’t bitcoin transactions all recorded via blockchain anyway?
  • Stocks for the long run
  • Stocks real return, after inflation, higher than gold or bonds
  • Portfolio hedging for retirees and near retirees.
  • Advice on size of potential cryptocurrencies


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 Jay Pestrichelli’s book Buy and Hedge