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New Podcast: Is Bitcoin Another Tulip Bubble? Plus Fed Taper and Inflation and Crypto in S&P Earnings

By Derek Moore

Jay Pestrichelli, CEO of ZEGA Financial, is back with Derek to discuss Nassim Talib’s comments that Bitcoin is another Tulip Bubble. Plus, the Fed announced a taper so now what? How companies putting Bitcoin on their balance sheet effects volatility.

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Topics Include: 

  • Nassim Talib's comments about bitcoin being another tulip bubble
  • What was the Tulip Bubble?
  • Cyrpto bleeding into S&P earnings and volatility
  • Fed Tapering,
  • Wage Growth vs Inflation
  • Doom and gloomers are wrong so just be hedged.


Mentioned in this Episode:

 Derek Moore’s Book Broken Pie Chart 

 Jay Pestrichelli’s Book Buy and Hedge 

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