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New Podcast: Capitulation - Markets Tend to Lead the Economy

Show Summary: 

Derek is joined again by ZEGA CEO Jay Pestrichelli to discuss what market capitulation looks like and are we there yet? Plus, they discuss how markets tend to turn up prior to the economy bottoming historically. Before some recommendations they discuss why the VIX isn’t higher and what the VIX curve is telling us now and in the past. 

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Topics Include:

  • What is market capitulation?
  • Historical examples of markets bottoming months ahead of the economy
  • Are markets smarter than the economy?
  • The VIX futures curve
  • Why VIX isn’t higher
  • What the VIX is really telling us about volatility expectations
  • Can markets bottom out with just apathy instead of panic?
  • Post Midterm Election bounce?
  • Are we sure we are going to have a recession?
  • Everyone says a recession is coming but can everyone be right?

 Mentioned in this Episode:

Why hedging is the answer for investors 

 Debating what a recession is 

 Derek Moore’s book “Broken Pie Chart” 

 Jay Pestrichelli Book “Buy and Hedge”