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Market Crash? | Fed Meeting Dot Plots | Inflation Break | Apple’s AI Breakout

By Derek Moore

Show Summary:

Derek Moore and Jay Pestrichelli, CEO of ZEGA Financial are back with a Fed meeting day edition where they break down the new end of year interest rate dot plots and Jay Powell’s press conference. Plus, they riff on Harry Dent’s latest prediction saying Nvidia is going down 98% and why the doom and gloom crowd are harmful to investors. Later discussing Apple’s breakout after their AI announcement at WWDC conference and the reaction to the CPI inflation print. All this and more!

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Topics Include:

  • Apple’s AI WWDC announcement reaction by the stock market
  • Apple vs Nvidia vs Microsoft for the title of largest market cap
  • Buy the Rumor Sell the News Buy the News on Apple
  • Post Fed Meeting announcement reaction
  • Fed newest Dot plots and what they say for the year end target for interest rates
  • The fed funds futures move intraday
  • How to calculate the implied fed funds rate
  • Inflation print comes in light but year over year numbers still above Fed’s target
  • How the CPI Supercore is still running over 4.8% year over year
  • Harry Dent says markets are going to crash but has said the same thing over and over again
  • Why doom and gloom predictions are harmful for investors
  • Reviewing some past Harry Dent prognostication
  • Harry Dent says Nvidia may go down 98% while the Nasdaq will see a -92% crash
  • Battle for the largest market cap between Apple, Nvidia, and Microsoft gets interesting

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