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Jay Pestrichelli Shares Why September is Historically the Worst Performing Month

By Derek Moore

Jay once again was called upon for comment on the markets. Click here for the link to the piece and we’ll share what some common themes were. (And some that didn’t make the article)

September Historically Has Been the Worst Month

  • Looking back since 1928, it has the worst average return of -1.03%
  • Its also the only month that has a winning percentage below 50%

 Current Themes Driving Markets

  • Evergrande in China was pointed to as causing Monday’s selloff
  • However, its bonds have been selling off since June. This wasn’t new.
  • We viewed this as an opportunity to put money to work
  • For our short-volatility strategies it provided a nice entry point for the current trade

Always good to include a Warren Buffet Quote “Be Greedy When Others are Fearful” as Jay relayed to MarketWatch.