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Jay Pestrichelli Podcast Interview Part 2: Discussing Myths Around the Classic 60/40 Portfolio

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Show  Summary:

Derek Moore and Jay Pestrichelli are back with part 2 of their discussion around the myths prevalent in the 60/40 portfolio. This week they highlight how bonds with low yields may have even more potential interest rate risk than investors think. Plus, they elaborate on why some diversification strategies fail. They touched on increased risk of the All-Weather Portfolios and Risk Parity Strategies. Finally, they expand on the “Hedgers Opportunity” where a good hedged equity strategy may allow investors to miss much of a selloff and have a chance at buying more shares when prices are depressed. 

Mentioned  in   this  Episode:

You can click below in the player to hear part 1 of Jay and Derek’s discussion.

The Hedgers Opportunity by Jay Pestrichelli: