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Jay Pestrichelli New Podcast Interview: Comparing Previous Bear Markets

By Jillian Baker

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Jay Pestrichelli, ZEGA Financials’ CEO, joins Derek Moore to walk through how this bear market compares to the 2008 Financial Crisis, 1997-1998 Asian Contagion, and 2000-2001 Dotcom crash. Are all these bear markets the same? Jay explains his rule of 3 showing the catalyst in each and how they are different. Plus, Derek describes how this last sharp decline resembles the trading action in August of 1998. What lessons can we take out of bear markets with regards to how sectors and regions tend to revert to the mean?

  • Discuss Charles Schwab commercial adding perspective to long run history in markets
  • Speed of this bear market compared to previous ones
  • Personal recollections of the last couple bear markets
  • Surprising data from the 1997-1998 bear market in emerging markets vs US equities
  • Trading halts and curbs
  • The case again for using hedges in building portfolios
  • Discussion of various catalysts behind previous bear markets
  • Not all bear markets have a recession as well
  • Reversion to the mean in historical sector returns
  • Forgotten quasi bear market December 2018

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