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Jay Pestrichelli Co-Hosts New Podcast: Discussing Lower Interest Rates for Longer

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Show  Summary:

 Quasi co-host Jay Pestrichelli, CEO of ZEGA Financial, is back on to discuss whether the lower interest rates for longer crowd is on to something. Plus, while interest rates may cause home price inflation, the data points to other reasons car prices have continually risen. What is the real inflation rate? The Federal Reserve doing “whatever it takes” to keep rates down and buying bond funds. Plus, risk to bonds in a low rate period and what alternative strategies that use synthetic options to replicate a bond yield.

Jay Pestrichelli re-releases Amazon bestseller “Buy and Hedge Book”
Lots of talk around the lower interest rates for longer idea
Does the CPI represent real inflation?
Chapwood alternative inflation index
Comparing Japan and Europe’s negative rate experiment with the current US landscape
Have risks in bonds ever been higher if interest rates rise?
Low interest rates leading to housing inflation or just readjusting for lower rates?
Lower rates do not impact car prices moving higher quite as much as extending loan durations
Option spreads to create a synthetic bond replacement strategy
How a stocks dividend is embedded in a put option
Low bond yields tough for early retirees

 Mentioned in this   Episode:

 Jay Pestrichelli’ s book “Buy and Hedge”

 A History of Interest Rates Book 

 Chapwood alternative inflation index 

 Derek Moore’s book Broken Pie Chart 

 Are bonds riskier with low rates podcast