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Jay and Derek Go Through Major Market Themes to Give You Talking Points You Can Use in Your Discussions

By Jillian Baker

  • Jay Pestrichelli and Derek Moore once again join up to dig into the major economic and market themes. Hear what we are watching, reading, and talking about. 
  • Talking Tech Earnings – Jamie Dimon on Bitcoin - Social Security COLA – Latest CPI Numbers – Container Shipping News – And More
  • Scroll down below to also check out Jay’s appearance on Bloomberg TV’s Daybreak Show
  • Hear Jay's discussion on the markets with Paul Allen and Doug Krizner on Bloomberg Daybreak Asia radio

 You can click below to listen the podcast or jump over to the episode directly on Apple, or Spotify 

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Topics Include: 

  • Jamie Dimon thoughts on crypto
  • COLA Adjustment
  • Jay guest starring on Fox Mornings and Marie (well at least on a panel discussion)
  • Doing financial TV as a guest
  • CPI latest numbers
  • Container Shipping prices finally tick lower for the first time.
  • Tech earnings releases
  • How Tech companies perform before and after earnings releases

Mentioned in this Episode: 

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