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Introducing YieldMax ETFs as Yield Alternative

ZEGA Financial was mentioned in the news along with our partner, Tidal Financial Group, around the launch of the first 2 YieldMax ETFs.

The first 2 are designed to deliver substantial monthly income via a synthetic covered call strategy. You can find more information here. They revolve around the underlying Tesla and Ark Innovation ETF.

Symbol OARK Information 

Symbol TSLY Information 

You can see in this online article that Jay Pestrichelli was quoted on the two ETFs: “TSLY and OARK ETFs provide investors with an innovative investment proposition: in exchange for limiting a portion of monthly appreciation in TSLA and ARKK, investors have the potential to receive compelling monthly income. It’s an adoption of the time-honored covered call tactic that aims to harvest very attractive yields from assets that are not typically associated with income.”

As always, please reach out to the ZEGA team with any questions.