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Bull & Bear Case: All Point to Buy & Hedge Strategy for Your Portfolios

By Jillian Baker

Jay and Derek got together for a video Zoom chat to review several Bull Market and Bear Market talking points. We know that many of you have been talking to clients or thinking about these things given how 2020 has been going. This included historical and forward returns, Democrats vs Republicans, and valuations.

  • Stock Market Valuation
  • Forward PE Ratios vs Historical Averages
  • Market Returns under Democrats and Republicans
  • Bull and Bear Case for Forward Growth Rates in Markets
  • Do not try and time the market
  • Benefits of having a hedged portfolio
  • Hedger’s Opportunity in buying the market cheaper when hedging pays off

 We will let you watch the video to get the main points but suffice to say all roads lead back to avoid market timing and instead just Buy and Hedge!

Watch the video here: