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Buy & Hedge Strategy

Portfolio Hedging & Buffered Strategies

Good defense can get a team to the Superbowl. Good portfolio defense is intended to get your client to retirement – faster. But some of the old school choices, like allocating a greater portion of assets to bonds, isn’t necessarily the best defense. By hedging equity allocations with options, your clients continue to participate in some market upside while being protected to the downside. We believe hedging will help your clients sleep soundly through sudden market corrections or scary system failures.

High Probability Options Strategy

Alternative Income

ZEGA’s idea of alternative income is to capture the option premium generated by volatility in the stock market. The strategy is called the High Probability Options Strategy – or HiPOS. Our tactics can add income to a portfolio without exposure to rising interest rates. And, we let the client set the dial for capital at risk. The strategy’s returns, historically non-correlated to both equities and bonds, are driven by your clients’ comfort with risk.

Internet Advantage Strategy

Market Neutral & Growth

ZEGA – in conjunction with Alpha-DNA, a data mining firm – monitors the digital footprints of 2,200 publicly-traded companies. After four years of study, we’ve found a high correlation between the changes in demand for a company’s products and changes in the trajectory of its digital signal. We use this demand projection to identify potential revenue trends that are expected to surprise the markets.

Hedging / ZBIG

Alternative Income

Internet Advantage


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