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ZEGA’s July 2017 Performance Numbers Release

ZEGA has filed with the CFA institute that ZEGA claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS).  Following the GIPS standardized guidelines, we plan to only report actual net results.  Click here for a PDF version of our actual net July...

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HIPOS Weekly Update: Total Eclipse of Volatility?

In a shameless attempt at working in eclipse to this week’s HIPOS update, we’ve seen somewhat of a total eclipse of volatility in the markets. After what seemed like a never-ending barrage on CNBC of stories pointing to record low VIX Index readings, we have seen some fear creep back into the markets. After a short spike, it has come in a bit as markets two days of more even trading after the larger drawdown and todays move higher in all the major indices.

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Internet Advantage Strategy: Updating the Risk Posture

UPDATE: Our Internet Advantage Strategy moved to a defensive posture for both strategies last week on Friday, August 11th.

What does that mean? It means that our systems identified a signal that implies there is an increased probability that a shallow market sell-off is on the near-term horizon.

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HIPOS Weekly Update: Welcome Back Volatility

Friday’s trading session saw the markets firm up after Thursday’s selloff when volatility for the first time in a while showed up in the markets. The Russell 2000 closed Friday at 1374.23, which was about 12.7% above the short 1200 strike level of our current HiPOS position. Above on the graph you can get a feel for where we are in relation to the current price.

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ZEGA Files for GIPS Verification!

ZEGA Financial is excited to announce that today it will file with the CFA Institute that it claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (“GIPS”). Our GIPS claim has been independently verified by ACA performance services. What is GIPS? As we...

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Helping Investors Overcome Fear in Markets

Recently both retail and institutional investor’s market sentiment have been turning more bearish and neutral as markets have come off their all-time highs. According to a recent CNBC.com piece, a record 84% of fund managers think the U.S. market is the most overvalued.

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HIPOS Weekly Update: Expiration Week Arrives and Option Skew

As we enter the final week of our current primary HIPOS trade, the underlying index (Nasdaq 100) sits a good 14% above the short strike leg. While the NDX experienced the most historical volatility of late, the markets turned higher after Janet Yellen’s comments around a more measured (read slower) approach to future raising of interest rates.

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