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More Evidence Your Clients Need Alternative Strategies

Regular readers of our blog know we’ve written more than a few articles pointing to the need for alternatives strategies. Recently I opened an email from Vanguard that offered probabilities for various portfolios forward return projections. If you want to read for yourself check out the link as it is a well-done piece.

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HIPOS Weekly Update: Late Friday Trading Window Opens with Some Risk Volatility Premium

Late Friday afternoon ZEGA’s traders found a trade that qualified for entry. As such, we moved back into the S&P 500 Index (SPX) from our previous Russell 2000 Index positions. This trade is targeting 1.2% return and it expires in 35 days on May 13th. We have a market holiday within this expiration window (Good Friday). Even when markets are closed, time premium (or Theta as traders call it) is ticking off the value of the positions which is a benefit for your clients.

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IAS Equity Strategies: The year in Review

Those of you that follow us know that we are not believers in “Victory Laps”. We are smart enough to know that the Market gods are always watching. Plus, we have enough battle scars to know better. On the flip side, we always stay available and tend to...

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HIPOS Weekly Update: VIX Call Options See Activity but No Volatility Follow Through

After last Friday’s successful expiration of our combined short spreads, ZEGA’s traders have been looking for the next HIPOS trade entry. We’ve talked before about how a short-term spike in volatility is often the pre-cursor to a new entry trade. The rise in volatility causes the options premiums to rise which helps in finding a qualifying trade under our strict entry rules. So far, we have not been able to satisfy the parameters as volatility has remained muted.

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Interest Rates Moving Higher: What Alternatives do Your Clients Have?

The Federal Reserve raised rates last Wednesday by a quarter percent or 25 basis points. Some advisors recently have expressed concerns for clients sitting in bond funds. Others have asked about alternatives that would provide bond like returns. First, let’s review why some clients might be worried about a rising rate regime in their portfolios.

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HIPOS Weekly Update: Down the Middle

With 8 days until expiration our current HIPOS primary trade, the underlying index is in the middle range of both our short call and short put strikes. As of the close Tuesday, the Russell 2000 Index sits 8.35% below the short call strike and 10.54% above the short put strike. The index level is benefiting both sides of the positions currently.

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What a difference a year makes: Part II

Back on February 13th, we wrote about the new highs our IAS Best Equity picks strategy was making. We focused on it because of the irony that we were making all time highs exactly one year after making all-time lows in the strategy – TO THE DAY!

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