ZEGA Financial is excited to announce that today it will file with the CFA Institute that it claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (“GIPS”). Our GIPS claim has been independently verified by ACA performance services.

What is GIPS? As we usually do, here’s how Investopedia describes GIPS:

“Global investment performance standards (GIPS) are ethical standards to be used by investment managers for creating performance presentations that ensure fair representation and full disclosure of investment performance results. Global Investment Professional Standards were created by the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute and governed by the GIPS Executive Committee. They are standardized guidelines for reporting the ability of an investment firm to make profits for investors.”

It has taken us over a year from start to finish to achieve this status. We are proud of the effort that went in to it, and we’d like to thank the team at ACA Compliance Group that worked with us to verify our status.

While it has involved a lot of work, we are confident that ZEGA Financial is a stronger and more organized firm as a result of this work.

As advisors that works with us, you’ll see some changes to our website and how we present our composite data to you:

  • First, today, our marketing materials will come down off the site as we update all of them based on our GIPS work. We expect to have all of the new materials back up in stages over the next week. If you need some materials on a timely basis, just reach out to us.
  • Second, we plan to only report actual net results on our ZEGA branded tear sheets. We will continue to make gross numbers available to you for your uses as an advisor. But the result is that the only tear sheets we create will include ACTUAL NET Contact us to discuss the effect to any marketing materials you might use that adjust the fees to reflect your actual fees.
  • Third, we’ll write a blog post later this week about the STRATEGY level changes you will see in the reporting and the data metrics.

ZEGA Financial is excited about these changes and where our firm is headed as a result of these changes. Stay tuned to the blog and you can stay abreast of all of the changes.